About Us

Hello. My name is Tom Good and I’m the President of Whirlwind Properties.

Our WV company was formed in 2008. We are full time real estate investors who buy distressed properties within the Huntington and Charleston WV area markets which includes Cabell, Wayne, Putnam, Kanawha Counties in WV; Lawrence County in OH; and Boyd County in KY. We buy these homes with the intention of renovating and reselling on the open market.

We used licensed contractors and our employees to perform home renovations, and we warranty our work for 1 year.

Since our inception, we have renovated or constructed over 200 homes. We have seen about everything when it comes to house problems such as water intrusion, mold, bats, termite damage, structural integrity issues, improperly wired houses, etc. So, we have the experience to tackle about any home and put it into move in condition.

We are constantly looking for new properties to renovate.

If you are interested in selling your home, give us a call or use our online form to submit information about your property.

Call Us Today! (304) 697-7373


Our Amazing Employees

Chris Bennett – Rehab Manager

Chris has been with us for 8 years. He oversees all rehab and renovations; and coordinates with our contractors, crews, and design teams to make these houses the best they can be. He is also a Certified Home Inspector. If you have any questions about our rehabs, email Chris@whirlprop.com.


Maydina Smith – Office Manager

Maydine has been with us for 7 years and we couldn’t run without her! She takes care of all the behind the scenes work that keeps us running smoothly. If you need to speak with Maydina you may email her at admin@whirlprop.com.


Aaron Adkins – Acquisitions Manager

Aaron has been helping us find diamonds in the rough for 4 years now. He handles finding the homes, sending offers, and closing on properties. If you have a home you’d like us to consider or are interested in buying from us, you may email him at aaron@whirlprop.com.


Jaime Absten – Property Manager

Jaime has been with us for 2 years and is our indispensable storage and rental manager. She takes all tenants concerns and facilitates repairs, handles payments and sets up leases. If you have any questions about our storage facilities, please email Jaime@whirlprop.com.